Bead-Fusion 25 & Bead-Fusion 10

Bead-Fusion 25 is a closed-cell, high density 4' x 8' and 4' x 10' sheet with compressive resistance strengths of 25 psi or higher. 2 pound board compression tested at 29.7 psi at 10% strain. The sheathing can be ordered in 1/2" increments.

Bead-Fusion 10 has a compressive strength of 10psi or higher.

Both Bead-Fusion products are very effective for under-the-slab and below grade application and can offer you the same compressive strengths and durability as the blue, pink or yellow extruded board used under grade but at about 40% less cost.

Bead-Fusion 25 retains 100% of its original R-Value (4.36R/inch) for the life of the installation. Locked gasses within XPS and polyisocyanurate measured at the time of extrusion can dissipate over time reducing their R-Value by as much as 25%. This means a XPS-5 R/inch board can be reduced to a 4 R/inch over time.

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